brave, stubborn & a fucking coward


4/17/14 - Taylor Swift leaving her apartment in NYC.


This is too cute


"its a metaphor, you see—you put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you dont give it the power to do its killing"


Did you know that I haven’t had peanut butter in a decade because she has an allergy? I mean, it wasn’t all bad. She was the only person I could watch Dance Moms marathons with because she only talks through commercials. And every year for my birthday she does these little scavenger hunts. Oh, and last year when my gam-gam died, she was the only person who could make me laugh.

I swear I’ll watch TVD right after this hockey game!!

Eugh enough with the drama between my favourite actresses. Women can work together without there being drama!!!!!


Angel Haze

@msleamichele Morning hikes w/ #JG! Best way to start the day! ✌☀💪